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Lakey THE BALUMBA HOTEL has been delicately positioned amongst swaying coconut palms reating on the shores of white sand beaches.

Air cnditioned rooms and fans cooled cottage rooms and bungalows complete with 24 hours scurity provide a comfort zone for all guest, ensuring you will enjoy your stay.

A fully serviced restaurant, internet and convenience store for shopping will allow you to completely relax, alternatively our friendly staff are always happy to assist you planning a day to enjoy some of the many local attractions.

Located just 2 hours flight from Bali this unique area produces world class waves and suitably ideal conditions for a varisty of other water sports such as surfing, fishing, kite durfing, and wind fsurfing., traditonal villags, japanese wartimes cave, hot spring and local dance costumes all become part of the attraction that create a great atmosphere here at hotel any lestari, lakey Peak Hu'u Sumbawa, Indonesia.

You will be entertained and looked after during your stay ny Any who ensures that you feel like a welcome guest, so come and experience what Balumba hotel has for you and as your host will say complete service is highest importance to any lestaru, so fas this we offer air port pick up and return transfer with our friendly staff waiting to greet you as you arrive in sumbawa, then you simply sit back and enjoy as we take you through tradional villages with horse drawn crts trotting down the streets toward the markets and local waving as we pass them y, all on our way to Lakey Peak.


As a tours organizer Bali Surfaris very pleasure to offer packages to explore " Lakey Peak"@ BALUMBA HOTEL

USD $ 400 for 5 night / 6 days

USD $ 500 for 7 night /8 days

USD $ 600 for 9 night / 10 days

Price included :
Airplane ticket from Bali to Bima Return
Hotel pickup ( kuta area ) to Airport
Transport return from Bima To lakey peak
AC Room at Balumba hotel
Satellite TV
Mosquito Net
Contenental Breakfast


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